Friday, January 21, 2005

Has she no propriety?

Mom and Dad gave me a membership to the YMCA for Christmas. I began going to the Y and doing some water polo conditioning in hopes of getting into shape, since doing traditional laps can become so very boring. I soon noticed, however, that the other swimmers obviously had no idea what I could be up to. I got strange looks when I swam freestyle with my head above the water, but they thought it especially absurd when I began treading water backwards with my arms above my head. I think many just dismissed my antics as some form of revolutionary physical therapy. Unperturbed, I kept on a-goin'. However, my progress in the pool was suddenly halted by the development of a very painful ear infection. For the time being, I will stay out of the lap pool until my medication is finished. When I return, I have a mischievous inclination to take a water polo cap and ball with me and begin rigorous goalie training, complete with sudden violent jumps out of the water and the carrying of chairs above my head. Just kidding. I'm not willing to work that hard just for the sake of shocking the other swimmers, although it would be pretty funny.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

I'm hopelessly airheaded

Okay, so the other day I tried to log on and create a new blog and I realized that I had forgotten not only my password, but my username as well. But don't worry. I eventually figured out that the email Blogspot sent me with my new password went to my junk email folder and not my inbox. Have no fear. I am on top of things.

I really don't have much else to say in this particular post. Don't fall into any bear pitts.