Friday, February 08, 2008


I spent an evening last weekend with my cousin Miranda and her husband Trevor while they were in Rexburg for a wedding. They are some of the most fantastic people I know. This is probably because they are either related to me or married to someone who is related to me. I met Miranda's in-laws who are absolutely lovely and delightful people, and we built the most enormous snow cave I have ever seen. Trevor and his brother did the most of the work, but I helped a little bit. I stole these photos from Miranda's blog. (I hope you don't mind, Miranda.) So, in case you haven't seen them, here they are. Most of these pictures were taken before we made the cave even bigger and taller, and they don't do it justice. You could fit like six people in there...almost comfortably.

Front entrance.

Back entrance.

I wish you could tell how big it is.

Takin' a break to drink some hot chocolate.

We drank too much.

I recommend BYU-I

I am taking 5 classes this semester: Grammar, Education, Math 108, Doctrine and Covenants, and Women's Choir. My grammar class is fun because my professor says things like:

"Concrete and inconcrete. No, I'm kidding. Abstract."

"She forgave me because I showered her with gifts and other forms of emotional manipulation."

"And then the vikings took over and what were they going to do about it? Nothing. It's like if one of you decided to slap Leonardo Dicaprio to the ground. What's he gonna do about it? Just lay there and whine."

"Can I push it with my birdie finger?"

"Models now are emaciated. It's like, "Feed that woman! Let her out of the cage!"

"My seven-year-old has more hair on her back than my father."

"'Dear Journal, you won't guess what happened to me today.' And of course there is some truth in that because Journal isn't guessing ANYTHING!"

"That's just repetitive in a way that isn't neccesarily neccesary."

(The class was trying to help him get the sound to work on the projector.) "I feel like I'm in a room with a bunch of women I'm married to. 'Did you try pulling your head out of your butt?'"

Maybe you had to be there, but the fact is that we waste a lot of time laughing at Brother Merrill. I am learning a lot about grammar. As you can tell, it isn't very apparent in my writing yet, but I'm getting there.

I also love Women's Choir. I love it because I am learning about how to sing in a choir more quickly than I did with Mr. Robb. The repertoire is very difficult and Sister Ashby demands a lot. The girls around me are awesome musicians and I have to work really hard to keep up. I spend hours outside class pounding out notes and learning the Latin and stuff. The music is awesome and very fun to sing, and I'm finallly starting to get to know people.

If you've made it this far in the post, I applaud you.

I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm doing really well in my classes and I love it here. There is always something fun to do and everyone is really nice. For example; the other day I got locked out of my apartment and went over to my neighbor's apartment to borrow the phone. They invited me to hang out at their house until my roommates got home. We played games and watched a movie and made smoothies and I ended up being there for about 4 hours. I didn't even know any of them before that. Cool.