Friday, July 11, 2008

Teaching Experience

All semester my education psychology class has been building up to the activity that we did today. We applied everything that we learned this semester to a real lesson that we taught to a real kid. I was pretty nervous and spent a lot of time on my lesson plan. I taught my professor's 9 year-old daughter, Alissa, the concept of imagery in literature. It went really well and Alissa seemed to truly enjoy my lesson (more than she had enjoyed the other two lessons given to her today, I might add). We painted and played games and talked about books and read some cool passages from A Wrinkle in Time and James and the Giant Peach. She was beaming the entire time and by the end of the lesson she really understood imagery and was able to identify and apply it. It was fun. I know that this experience was almost nothing like an authentic classroom experience, but I just know that I'm going to love teaching. It comes really naturally to me and I've thoroughly enjoyed any type of lesson I've ever given.

Only one week left!


At July 14, 2008 at 10:14 PM, Blogger Scott said...

This is a great post. I am so happy for you, and know exactly what you mean about the excitement and personal satisfaction that can come from teaching. I am slowly realizing how much I want to teach, and wish I could go back and take classes like the one you are in.


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